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welcome to wheat live. these are live performances, radio appearances, albums and demos that the band would like to share with you. enjoy.

June 15 2021
I have created a "new" Wheat album. Over the course of the years running my www.thiswheat.com site I have acquired every non-album Wheat song that has been released. I have sequenced all the songs chronologically and have edited them to flow together in places. I think it is a remarkably strong and wonderful set of music. Some are B-Sides, some unreleased and some are singles that are no longer available for purchase or on streaming sites. I decided to use the artwork for each release to accompany the individual songs. I've always loved the personal touch of the artwork with all Wheat releases. To me it had a very hands on, creative and subtleness which I really appreciated. It was as unique as their music. There are some super amazing songs here from right across their career that may be hard, if not impossible, to find. I really hope everyone enjoys this. Personally I think it is fantastic.

1. Hope And Adams 0:00 - This is the b-side to the 1997 Death Car Single - it is from a vinyl file and has some static - which kind of makes it even more Wheaty
2. Heaven Has 4:04 - This song appeared on the original Vinyl version of Medeiros but was dropped on the CD version. It was song 10/11 just before Reprise. On the reissue of Medeiros it was listed as a bonus track called "Drunk".
3. More Than You Ever Know 8:16 - Don't I Hold You b-side 1999 - This is a different version than appeared on the Hope And Adams album
4. And First You See A Superstar, Then You Don't 10:34 - B-side from the Raised Ranch Revolution single 2000
5. Baby It's Cold Outside 14:15 - Vinyl only single with Liz Phair from 2003 - the B-side of the single was I Met A Girl from the Per Second, Per Second, Per Second, Every Second album
6. Hospital Bed 16:41 - This song was a short outtake from the 2007 Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square album. It was also slated to be included in the aborted More=More EP.
7. Sometime When I'm Alone I Feel Loved 18:16- Digital download bonus track from the 2010 Change Is single
8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 20:50 - Free Digital Download 2010
9. It's Snowing, I Love You 24:54- Free Digital Download 2010
10. The Used 2 Be In Love Blues 26:59 - CD Single 1/3 2011
11. House Of Kiss 30:48 - B-Side from The Used 2 Be In Love Blues single 2011
12. My Blood, Your Blood 34:28 - Digital Download bonus track from The Used 2 Be In Love Blues single 2011
13. Gettin' Ready To 39:19 - CD Single 2/3 2012
14. Feel Good Co. 42:58 - B-Side from Gettin' Ready To single 2012
15. Carl L. People 46:21 - Digital Download bonus track from Gettin' Ready To single 2012
16. P Is For Pressure 49:14 - CD single 3/3 2012
17. We Won't Be Satisfied 52:40 - B-Side from P Is For Pressure single 2012
18. Tomahawk 56:19 - Digital Download bonus track from P Is For Pressure single 2012
19. Black Days Away 1:00:51 - Free Digital Download 2013
20. Walking Song 1:04:28 - Free Digital Download 2016
21. Stay Up Late 1:07:46 - Unreleased (video upload only) 2016

May 27 2020
Lyrics for Medeiros, Hope and Adams, Per Second and That's Exactly What I Wanted...Exactly That albums added. I also added some notes for a few of the demos and radio broadcasts.

May 13 2020
Wheat Bio, Journal and Live Reviews and Interviews pages added to site as well as some archival reviews. All content has been appropriated from archive.org searches of old websites related to the band (City Slang, Empyrean Records, Aware Records, wheatmusic.com).

May 7 2020
Amazing new live show added - March 31 2007 from TT The Bears in Cambridge MA. This show was provided by Tim Hiles and is the only show currently on the site featuring material from the 2007 reformation shows following the release of hat's Exactly What I Wanted...Exactly That EP and Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square.

December 18 2019
Per Second Per Second Per Second...Every Second - Nude version
After a four year hiatus Wheat signed with UK record company Nude to release the already recorded Per Second album. Prior to releasing the album Nude went under and the album would eventually be rerecorded and released by Aware Records in 2003. The official release was a big sounding record. Brighter, poppier, more radio friendly and smoother than the lo-fi albums Medeiros and Hope and Adams that had preceded it. It is a wonderful album but it got some flack from hardcore fans at the time for being...well...not as lo-fi. But Wheat have never really been a band to repeat themselves and they would continue to change from album to album following this release as well resulting in a rich tapestry of styles, influences and sounds. What you will find here is the Nude version of the Per Second album. It is 36 minutes long and does not include the songs I Met A Girl or Some Days but does contain the song We Will Rock that was dropped for the official release. It is all like the path not taken and is a much more laid back version of what the album would become. Not better...just different....enjoy

January 12 2018
Walking Song added to site here.

March 11 2015
Brand new Wheat EP called Wishing Good Things For The World is now available for purchase/download at this link. New page now up here.

September 22 2014
Added pages for P Is For Pressure, Gettin' Ready To V2, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Black Days Away, Medeiros LP Reissue to albums/singles/eps section

June 28 2013
From the Wheat boys:
"wheat have started our sixth full length record;
old things are put away - behold - all things have become new once again!

our shoulders against the wheel; some things along the way we'll share, some things we will not.

!please keep in touch! and to celebrate a new beginning; the turning of a new page, visit: www.wheatmusic.com for a free download of "black dayz away"

wish us well - send us your thoughts, let the wind be at our backs and away our black days!!

February 18 2013
Live on Pipeline MIT Radio December 06 2011 and University of Washington April 12 2004 shows added.

November 3 2011
Video page added.

November 2 2011
Here is a great new interview with the band at Entertainment Realm. Wheat's next album will probably be ready Fall 2012 and is tentatively titled "Can't Stop The Addiction".

October 31 2011
Change Is single, The Used 2 Be In Love Blues single, WIBI Promo artwork and several CD scans added.

October 2011
Wheat will release 3 limited edition CD singles. Each single will feature 2 new tracks, exclusive artwork hand-screened by the band, full liner notes and free downloads. Subsequent months will have a new single, each with two additional tracks. This project will culminate in a yet-untitled, limited edition CD along with other exclusive downloads. The single can be purchased now through the band's website (www.wheatmusic.com) and as of October 10, at a music store near you. The first single is "The Used To Be In Love Blues" and "House Of Kiss" - Digital download includes "My Blood, Your Blood" and the video for The Used To Be In Love Blues.

September 28 2010
1. "changes is" from "white ink, black ink" was released as a single in the u.k. and ireland. It has 3 additional songs, including an unreleased track called "sometime when i'm alone i feel loved." Check it out here

2. Wheat are playing a show in Boston at the Middle East upstairs (and, will be playing a new song) on saturday, oct. 9 2010. Tickets can be purchsed from rockonconcerts.com

3. and, finally right now the band are in the middle of writing/recording songs for a new wheat record! Possibly an ep first, but still up in the air...

December 31 2009
POPDOSE names Per Second album of the decade http://popdose.com/sugar-water-the-best-album-of-the-decade/

July 21 2009
Wheat's new album White Ink Black Ink is officially released today! Album number 5 - order a copy at the Wheat Store. You won't be disappointed - the album is excellent.
Here are some initial reviews of the album:
Chrome Waves
Absolute Punk
Caught In The Carousel
Express Night Out
Pop Dose

June 16 2009
Here are some upcoming live wheat shows:
  1. washington, dc (thursday 6/25) : http://www.dcnine.com/portal/
  2. philadelphia, pa (friday 6/26) : http://www.kungfunecktie.com/calendar.php
  3. new york, ny (saturday 6/27) : http://www.mercuryloungenyc.com/event/3098
May 25 2009
From Brendan
hey folks,
brendan from wheat here. we're making a video for the song, "el sincero," from our newest album, "white ink, black ink," and we'd love to have you in it! hey- how often do any of us get to be in a music video!

all you gotta do is film yourself, or your friend, or you niece, or your 4 year old, or your grandmother, or whoever singing the song. you don't even have to really sing it - just mouth the words to the song. then upload it, and sit back and wait for it to be released!

right click here to download an mp3 of the song.

we have a few simple instructions (to save the guy doing the editing from wanting to jump off a cliff) - see the attached word file (or go to: http://www.rebelsynch.com/therebelgroup/wheat%20-%20el%20sincero%20video.jpg for instructions). any questions you can email me - Darrin or Brendan. WE ARE ALL, EL SINCERO!

April 29 2009
Check out this mini-doc/promo of the band on their newest album, "White Ink, Black Ink" at http://blip.tv/file/2042992

April 16 2009
The new Wheat album White Ink Black Ink will be released on June 9 2009 by The Rebel Group. It can be preorderd at the Wheat Store.

February 15 2009
Wheat will be playing the SXSW festival this year. They are playing at 11:00p.m. on Friday March 20, 2009 at Maggie Mae's according to the SXSW Website.

February 9 2009
Wheat are reissuing their first 2 records (medeiros - hope and adams), with a bonus disc of unreleased material from that period titled "30 Minute Theatrik". it comes with a beautiful 16 page booklet. when you pre-order you get a free signed/numbered poster by the wheat guys, and an immediate digital download of the songs.....

they're with a new record label, and ready to rock and roll!

go to The Rebel Group to order it now.

November 21 2008
Here is a nice review with photos from the TT The Bears show.

November 18 2008
Here is the setlist for the TT Bears show from Saturday November 15 2008.
1. half of the time
2. changes is
3. living 2 die vs dying 2 live
4. i met a girl
5. if everything falls together
6. el sincero
7. don't i hold you
8. closer to mercury
9. little white dove
10. coke and tanqueray
11. my warning song (everything is gonna be alright)
12. baby in my way

September 9 2008
The new album White Ink, Black Ink will be here soon. It is a fantastic sounding album combining the best aspects of Wheat's Lo Fi sense with their flare for offbeat hooks. Great harmonies and musicianship abound on this anthemic, upbeat and positive sounding album. Lo-Fi Anthemic Music would be the best description I could give. It is a pure blast of Wheat and won't disappoint. Here is the tracklisting of the forthcoming album:
1. Half Of The Time
2. Change Is
3. My Warning Song (Everything Is Gonna Be Alright)
4. El Sincero
5. Living 2 Die, Dying 2 Live
6. If Everything Falls Together
7. Music Is Drugs
8. Coke And Tangueray
9. Mountains
10. I Want Less
11. Baby In My Way

April 16 2008
Medeiros Vinyl LP (alternate album version), Raised Ranch Revolution CD single, Baby It's Cold Outside 7" single and Death Car 7" single added.

March 26 2008
Wheat has a new 2 disc EP out for Move=Move from EISAPFKAMA1IS. It can be ordered from here. The tracklisting is:
1. Move=Move (radio edit)
2. Too Much Time
3. Hospital Bed
4. Let the World Fall
5. I've Walked Away From Things a Lot Bigger Than This

White Polaroid
Son of / Return of Eggman
The Accidental tourist
Passion Like a Priest
(exit) black, inc.
*I Had Angels Watching Over Me (VIDEO)
*Move=Move (VIDEO)
*Little White Dove (VIDEO)

It is limited to 1000 copies so grab one quickly

March 16 2008
The new Wheat album will be called "White Ink, Black Ink". The band is currently recording. Details to follow as they become available.

Check out Empyrean Records to pick up the new Wheat Mini LP "That's Exactly What I Wanted...Exactly That". The new album "Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square" can also be purchased through Empyrean.

May 16, 2007
New Shows added for:
june 3 mercury lounge new york, NY
june 6 empty bottle chicago, IL
june 7 7th street entry minneapolis, MN
june 8 the bears/ bloomington, IN
june 10 north star bar philadelphia, PA
june 22 middle east cambridge, MA

April 12, 2007
New Shows added for England, Scotland and Belgium.

March 4, 2007
Artwork added for all albums.

February 13, 2007
The First Wheat Shows in 3 years have been announced at the new Wheat myspace site.
They are:
March 31 2007 at 11:00PM at TT The Bears, Boston, Massachusetts
April 27 2007 at 8:00PM at Northstar Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

January 18, 2007
Irving Plaza New York City show from February 28 2003 added courtesy of Nick.

January 15, 2007
Dighton Hall Metropolis show from July 12 1996 added courtesy of Nick.

November 16, 2006
Here is the video for Don't I Hold You from Hope and Adams

And here is the video for I Met A Girl from Per Second (X3) Every Second

November 5, 2006
Empyrean teams up with Wheat!

Because some of you have been asking "What's up with these rumors I've been hearing? Are they true?!" we'd like to set the record straight.

YES!, Empyrean and Wheat have officially teamed up,
YES!, Wheat is finishing up their 4th album due out this Spring, and that one rumor so many of you have been asking about,
YES!, Wheat's new mini-album, that's exactly what I wanted... exactly that, can be in your stereo BEFORE the holidays!! How? Starting today, you can pre-order you copy (or copies if you want to cross a few people off of your shopping list) through empyreanrecords.com, and we'll send it to you (or to whomever you choose) BEFORE the holidays!

And for those of you who are diehard fans (or know someone who is), we have something special for you: Wheat's new mini-album packaged with a limited-edition, hand-numbered, silkscreened poster, and t-shirt! And if you pre-order before Nov. 17th, you can get it all for just $20 in N. America and $30 everywhere else - shipping included! No fine print, but there is a catch due to the handmade aspect of the deluxe packages, there are only 500 available (WORLDWIDE!) before the holidays, offered on a first come, first serve basis, AND the only place in the whole universe that you can get these this year, is through www.empyreanrecords.com.

The Tracklisting for "That's exactly what I wanted...exactly that" is:
1. What everyone keeps telling me
2. Little white dove
3. Until it takes
4. That's exactly what I wanted...exactly that
5. Washing machine blues

July 31, 2006
Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square tracklisting added.

July 22, 2006
Medeiros and Hope and Adams have both been added to the site with kind permission of the band.
Album number 4 from Wheat is nearing completion and is currently known as "Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square". The song "What Everyone Keeps Telling Me" can be heard at http://www.wheatmusic.com/this.html.

Disclaimer - all songs are in mp3 format.
fully sanctioned by the fine folks at wheatmusic
please do not try to sell these, they were nice enough to let you hear them for free.
believe what you want to believe.