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Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square

Memory plays a crucial role in the music of Wheat, one of the most enigmatic and compelling rock bands of the past decade. And never more profoundly has the theme, the act, of remembering played so critical a role in the making of that music than on the Massachusetts outfit's stunning new Empyrean Records CD, Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square. Even the album's cryptic title, drummer Brendan Harney explains, is "about remembering through a ritual. We lose things we love, sometimes, in life. People turn corners and things change ... Then we decide to make a square, simply to remember? hope, maybe." Wheat's fourth full-length album, and the core of the band itself, is about all of those things.

Source : CD   Released: May 22 2007   Company: Empyrean Records

1. Closeness   5:08
2. Little White Dove   3:37
3. Move = Move   4:21
4. I Had Angels Watching Over Me   3:05
5. Init.005 (formerly, a case of...)   4:27
6. Saint In Law   2:41
7. What You Got   3:22
8. To, As In Addressing The Grave   3:16
9. Round In The Corners   3:47
10. An Exhausted Fixer   4:39
11. Courting Ed Templeton   4:36
Total Time: 42:59