Wheat Live

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wheat demo 1996

Info source: Ricky Brennan
Kenny Madaras played bass on the Wheat demo in 1996 , and it was recorded at a mill in Fall River and at Scott's house. At that point Wheat was Scott, Ricky, Brendan and Kenny.

Info source: Christopher John Seekell
the wheat self titled ep, which was done right after the wheat gerl tape. BTW the wheat gerl tape was not called the gerl tape, they were just known as gerl not too long before that, and i happened to call it that when i got it. it was just demos. as for the self titled ep, released in 1996. I don't know who put it on cd from tape, but i recieved a copy of it on cd from aaron westerman years ago and put it on mp3. there is a good chance that the recordings are scott, ricky and brendan.

1. leslie west   4:19
2. i quit also summer   6:20
3. karmic episodes   3:21
4. gerl singer   4:18
Total Time: 18:13