Wheat Live

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per second nude version

Info source: Aaron Westerman
"As far as the nude version being found...no promos or actual REAL copies were ever pressed. Nude went belly up before they could really do anything with the record. since it was never pressed in any form and only exists on CD-R's (at least to my knowledge)"

Info source: Ricky Brennan
"The Nude version of the record would probably be considered a bootleg ...since the label doesn't exist anymore they can't go after anyone for sharing it. We have to sort of turn a blind eye to it, if you know what I mean ...we would ideally prefer that everyone didn't hear those versions, but what are ya gonna do ... we just don't want people's perceptions of the final official version of the record to be altered , because some of those earlier versions are quite different in some ways, and often people have a tendency to like what they hear first better. But hey , we're happy that anyone cares at all, so I say enjoy!"

1. breathe   3:47
2. life still applies   3:15
3. world united already   3:37
4. hey, so long ohio   3:20
5. can't wash it off   3:21
6. we will rock   2:06
7. this rough magic   5:00
8. the beginner   4:02
9. go get the cops   3:48
Total Time: 38:59