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tt the bears cambridge march 31 2007

Source : Unknown -> FLAC/WAV/MP3
Author: Tim Hiles

This is a really nice addition to the site. It is at this point the only live show here that covers material after the reformation of the band and the release of That's Exactly What I Wanted...Exactly That EP and Everyday I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square in 2007. It is amazing to hear so much of this material live for the first time. Thanks Tim for the files!

01. To, As In Addressing The Grave   6:20
02. Init. 005 (Formerly, A Case Of...)   7:41
03. Tubesoft   3:54
04. Raised Ranch Revolution   7:35
05. Little White Dove   5:05
06. Round In The Corners   4:11
07. Karmic Episodes   3:52
08. Until It Takes   4:56
09. Courting Ed Templeton   4:43
10. Don't I Hold You (Per Second Version)   4:57
11. Who's The One   8:56
12. The Beginner   3:52
13. Leslie West   4:32
14. What You Got   4:10
15. Be Brave   2:55
16. Saint In Law   3:42
17. I Had Angels Watching Over Me   3:28
18. Closeness   5:34
Total Time: 1:30:02

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